Tantra massages in Prague as an alternative to classical spa resorts

Tantra massages in Prague exist for more than one decade and they still welcome more and more people. The customers are typically tourists, but many domestic inhabitants use these services as well.

The studios providing such massages are an alternative to classical spa resorts. The main difference is that tantra studios focus more on spiritual experience, not only body relaxation.

Tantra massage in Prague – holiday adventure

Prague is without doubt one of the most visited cities in the world and to receive this type of massage in the capital city of Czech Republic might be another experience which enriches the holiday.


This stunning city full of historic monuments in the heart of Europe has many things to offer.

While during the day you can visit St. Vitus Cathedral, The Old Town Square or The Charles Bridge, in the evening you may get relaxed in one of the studios.

Since nowadays lifestyle produce a great amount of stress, the number of people who are looking for absolute relaxation is growing exponentially. That is one of the reasons why tantra studios are always filled with people who are ready to be taken care of.


Tantra is an old Indian traditional science that contains elements of yoga, bioenergetics and sexual therapy.

To actively receive a tantra massage the three key things are important:

  • Movement – similarly as in sport, the movement brings plenty of life energy into the body and therefore the enjoyment is more amazing
  • Breath – with deep breath we enable our body to be more sensitive and feel better
  • Sound – when the receiver gasps or makes sounds the energy is relieved into every part of the body

Tantra studios

Studios / parlours usually provide classic spiritual massages and erotic massages as well.

They prefer holistic approach to sexuality and provide satisfaction with soft touch of the masseuses, hot towels and massage oils.


At the beginning, the masseuse and the customer get to know each other by short interview. It helps the masseuse to get to know the receiver of the massage and on the other hand, the customer feels more comfortable

There are various kinds of massages from which the customers can choose depending on their preferences.

a)    Traditional massage

Classic sensual and relaxing body massage including sensual ritual of honouring the body. It may contain intimate massage of Yoni or Lingam.

Couple massages for two lovers or four-hand massages with 2 masseuses at the same time are possible as well.

b)    Mystical massage

It contains spiritual introduction into the mystical world of tantra.

The masseuse is usually a Priestess of tantric temple.

c)     Energy massage

In this type of massage, the masseuse uses touch therapy to provide a massage to the client.

It is based on bioenergetics and uses elements of reflexology and aku-pressure.

d)    Aromatherapy massage

The client can choose the aroma he likes the most and afterwards he receives the massage in a hot tub.

Additional services

Apart from tantra massage, the customer may have a consultation with experience massage team or he can pay for a tantra course to teach him how to give the massage to other person.

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