Not Sure Of Strip Club Etiquettes? Follow This Guide!

If you have never been to a strip club, chances are high that you don’t much about the ambience and the dos and don’ts. Also called adult entertainment or gentlemen’s clubs, strip clubs have topless, or often nude women called strippers who can offer you a lap dance, while you enjoy the best of wine, booze and food. In this simple post, we talk of the etiquettes to follow when you are at a club offering topless adult entertainment near San Francisco.

Follow the basic protocols

You are not allowed to touch the strippers and entertainers – period. This is a norm you must follow to the T, and if they come up to you for a lap dance, say a ‘no’ when you don’t such services. Lap dances come for a price and it is decided by the house, so there is no room for negotiation. You may, however, choose to tip them over and above the price. You are also not allowed to ask personal questions or behave in a close way.

When you are not sure, ask and follow

Most of the adult entertainment clubs are pretty clear about the dos and don’ts, and if you don’t understand, there is no harm in asking. Also, remember that strippers are professionals and they want money, so if you expect them to come close or take you for a lap dance, expect to pay and that too in cash. Plastic money is typically not handy in adult entertainment clubs, although you can pay for selected food and bar bills. As for tipping, it depends largely on the place you are visiting, but ideally, try and follow what others are doing.

Find a good place – like a really good place

If you really want to experience adult entertainment at its best, find a strip club that has more than just strippers. Believe it or not, these places can be really fun beyond the topless entertainers. You can have bottle service at your table, book a stripper for your personal booth as required, or can even enjoy sporting activities. Many adult entertainment clubs also have lavish buffets and special events, which can be enjoyed on a weekend.

Final word

Have fun. That’s the whole essence of being at an adult entertainment club. You may want to take people along, although if you are lonely, there is no better place to enjoy attention. Just have enough cash to spare!

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