How to make a date one night?

The evening date, which some people call more crudely, is something that is no longer trivial. Indeed, great love makes everyone dream. Between naughty practices and sensual encounters, it is possible to have fun without the constraints of being in a relationship. But then, how to make a date one night? What are the solutions and tips to follow?

Between routine, concessions and possible disputes, the couple is often abused and does not immediately attract everyone. And it’s not because we are single or even in a relationship that you have to leave your libido dormant, do you?

According to a recent FIFG survey, people who are registered on dating sites or who use similar apps are tired of looking for a soul mate. Indeed, they currently prefer to find someone for a party. Since 2015, the proportion of users who admit to looking for one-night adventures has increased from 22 to 39%.  In this percentage, we can count 50% of men and nearly 12% of women.

There is a real tendency to meet occasionally, especially through the Internet. This corresponds to the fact that the dating sites are now in the mores, we no longer “shame”, we do not hide anymore as we could do it 5 or 10 years ago. Specifically, 4 out of 10 French have already registered on a site or a dating app at least once in their lives while they were barely 2% in 2010.

Finally, to finish with the figures, almost a quarter of the French have already had sex with a person met on these dating sites for a one-night shot.

A fleeting encounter with maximum pleasure

For those who are looking for a pure carnal moment without getting emotionally involved, the evening date is the perfect solution.  Practical, without any headaches, this type of relationship can be rediscovered in another light. Indeed, as you do not know or very little about the person you are going to meet and as you know you will probably never see again, it is easier to keep a certain distance and to show you daring.

You dare and you catch yourself

It is also an opportunity to get to know oneself better, to identify one’s own needs, desires, desires. However, in our society, evoking a plan for a night is still taboo. It is always difficult to talk about it without having to fear criticisms or judgments.

Thus, the most discreet alternative and that which seduces the most remains the meeting via a dating site.  The Internet has the ability to leave you anonymous at first and to do your research as you see it, out of sight.

Use the Internet or not?

Several online platforms and other specialized dating sites allow you to quickly find a person for a night or even a hot night and no tomorrow. With just a few clicks, you’ll see naughty ads and start a chat with an integrated chat or instant messenger.

You can then give free rein to your imagination and your fantasies.  If the flow goes on with your interlocutor, you become so-called “sexfriends” for a possible sensual encounter. If you prefer physical contact and having discussions, you can put yourself in the drag position by going in the evening or in a nightclub.  But this way is more complicated and more “dangerous”.

Indeed, the most difficult is perhaps not to retrieve a phone number or even to make the conversation, but indeed to sexualize the atmosphere between you, create an atmosphere conducive to an adventure without a future. Nowadays, everything goes faster, we get used to that things are almost instantly, that we meet our needs, thanks to new technologies. In this state of mind, being able to have a date one night is quite normal and natural, right?

Do not forget that the means of communication were limited to the telephone (fixed in addition) among others. Seducing seemed much less easy than now.

With the Internet, communication tools such as instant messaging (Skype, WhatsApp, etc.) and other dating apps have changed the game.

Dating sites allow you to live your sexuality as you see fit. You no longer need to go to a private (and sometimes creepy) place to meet one night. These sites and web applications offer their members the type of date they want, namely a long meeting or an adventure without a future.

When we want to make a date one night, we seek above all to spend a pleasant time with a person who meets all our desires. We are not necessarily trying to waste time preparing for the great time. It has to be fast and efficient.

Besides, when we try to make dates without tomorrow, we may want to meet several people.  Dating sites can increase the chances of finding the person or persons who respond to this request. They speed things up by giving their members the opportunity to chat online, use a webcam in some cases and get straight to the point.

A date at night: why & how?

One night’s date is not easy, because not everyone is looking for the same things at the same time. For many women in particular, this kind of situation is not very exciting for several reasons:

  • They are tired of not building anything.
  • They want to move forward in their love life.
  • They do not want to lower their demands by meeting anyone.
  • They do not want to be hurt.
  • But other women (and men) have more desire to live a moment of pure and fleeting pleasure.

These people are usually very clear about their intentions and they let it know. They are often found on dating sites where you can read in their description “OK for a shot of a night” for example. Whether you go to sites or apps such as Adopteunmec, Meetic or Tinder, the important thing is to focus on the people who leave the door open for a possible flash match.

How to do?

For an online dating, you have 2 possible approaches:

  1. You consider that you should not frighten women and you must get a first appointment – then it is at this time that you will install some sexual tension.
  2. For you, the appointment is proof that the sexualization of your exchange has worked. For you, the conversation has well charged, it is loaded with sexual tension and the woman is already conquered and is tempted. Here, there is no detour, no lie. From the first exchanges, the woman knows exactly what you are looking for in the relationship.

Create a climate conducive to the date

The important thing is to create an atmosphere conducive to sexualization in your exchanges. An atmosphere in which the woman will be free to say what she really wants, where she will feel herself, because she will trust you.

Some women will quickly assume their side “I’m ready for a torrid evening without commitment” while for others, you’ll have to help them accept this freedom. You must make them understand that they keep their free will, that you do not judge them and that you will never say a word about your exchanges or your antics.

Tell yourself that she does not know you, that she has never seen you, that she knows nothing of your tastes, your habits, your tastes. Even though some of her search for desire, and the excitement of the unknown, another part of her search for security.

Practical tips for an evening date

Indeed, to meet your demand for a sudden for a night, a woman must feel comfortable and end up in a comfort zone. Thus, in a few hours, you must gather essential ingredients to increase your libido, namely confidence, attraction and excitement.

Forget the fact that a meeting of a night is the wish of men; women also like that and they also have the fantasy of making love to a stranger. But they do not want to be perceived as “easy women”. This is why you must refine your seduction technique, show yourself direct, clear and delicate at the same time.

Dare face-to-face

For those who like to go out in night clubs or in a bar, it is not going to chat with your friends that you will manage to seduce the woman you want to take home tonight.

If you want to create some sexual tension and make your interlocutor want to go home with you, you must be in direct interaction with her. And just she.

Promote intimacy between you

Do not go “hunting” with your friends because she will feel social pressure and will not be comfortable.

Isolate yourself to discuss, stay away from your friends or hers to increase your chances of conquest.

Finally, do not forget to be patient so as not to miss this opportunity!

Show yourself direct

first date

Whether for a live meeting or on the Internet, do not try to play it mysteriously, especially if the only thing you want is a plan for an evening! An evening meeting requires courage and knowing what you want. Learn how to overcome your fear and prove that you have no shame about your sexuality and your current need.

The more you communicate directly and sincerely on your desire – do not forget the eye contact if possible and the touching voluntarily on her arm or hand if you are close to her – the sooner she will understand what you want and will be able to answer any as clearly.

Put it at ease

Being able to put the person at ease in front of you shows that you have a certain emotional stability. A message to put your future conquest at your ease for an evening meeting

So, always stay on the same line of conduct, namely having a one-night relationship with her. Show your determination and do not back down in your speech. You’re not going to destroy everything you’ve done so far, are you? Tell her what you want, show you imperturbable.

Illustration of an imperturbable attitude

Finally, when you see that she is at ease and confident, do not hesitate to ask her if she agrees with your plan for a one-night date. While many men dream of this kind of situation, few have the audacity to tell the truth.

Stand out and openly assume your desire by asking the question directly. If the sexual tension is still present and the woman always responds to your requests, there is a good chance that this unique date will be done in the best conditions.

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