Bi-Sexual Escorts – All That You Need to Know?

Bi-sexual escorts, most men’s fantasy yes? The appeal of two gorgeous ladies pleasuring each other for you to watch and enjoy holds huge appeal to even the most hardened and experienced of guys.

Why are bi-sexual escorts so appealing to men though?

Maybe it is the taboo nature of the subject, the fact that girls shouldn’t really be enjoying pleasure and passion with other girls? This may all stem from school mates, best mates having sleepovers and (well in any healthy guys imagination anyway) the two girls exploring each other a little more intimately than they should be doing. Very naughty for sure and also a very highly erotic fantasy for a healthy guy.

The very thought of peeping through a part open bedroom door and catching glimpses of their intimate activity will stiffen any guys resolve to make this a desire very high on his bucket list.

So what is it actually like, booking bi-sexual escorts, and what can you expect? Firstly you need to consider if you are booking the services of a bi-sexual escort just for yourself, or do you have a wife or partner that wants to book some female fun with you? Your existing partner may well be bi-sexual or possibly bi curious. What better way to find out than by booking a bi escort and seeing how it goes?

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Bi-Sexual Escorts – What Can You Expect?

For a start there are many escorts that are genuinely bi-sexual. That’s the great news, you will not struggle to find an escort that wants to be shared by you and your partner. Browse through high class escort agency websites and pretty quickly you will find blonde bi-sexual escorts as well as brunettes and redheads. Young or mature, short or tall, you can make your choice.

Once she arrives, presumably at your hotel room or home, you can welcome her in but what can you expect? How will things go?

Maybe best to have a drink together, all three of you and get to know each other a little. What an exciting time ahead, you have every right to be excited. Do you start proceedings, or does your escort? Just do what comes naturally.

It may be that your bi-sexual escort starts paying attention to your partner. How highly erotic would that be to watch? See them kissing and starting to touch each other. Perfect opportunity for you to get involved yourself and maybe start to help them get undressed?

Help your escort down to her underwear while she helps your partner to de-robe down to her smalls. At the same time you could me removing your shirt and trousers and before you know it all three of you will be on the bed together enjoying the touching, the feeling and the kissing.

What happens next is potentially incredibly exciting. Finding out where your escorts real attention is being drawn. She may initially want to kiss and caress your partner rather than you. Well that’s just perfect as it gives you the opportunity to sit back a little, soak up the scent of two women and enjoy watching them pleasure each other.

Let them enjoy each other for a while then if you feel that it is time that you received a little attention then potentially you could remind them that you are still there. Try a little touch or a massage, even a little kiss to one or both of them. They will be torn between carrying on with what they are doing or alternatively they have the potential of some male attention.

Getting down and naughty in a 3 some with a bi-sexual escort could be one of the most exciting memories that you could recall for many years. Swapping between two hot sexy girls then having a little break to watch them pleasure each other – what could possibly be hotter than that?

These opportunities do not present themselves too often so we suggest that if you have the opportunity to book the services of a genuine bi-sexual escort then don’t consider passing up on it. Choose your lady and all three of you can have an awesome hot night to remember.

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