Late last season, a very beautiful top-flight escort was speaking with her agency. Her clients know her to kind, gentle and deeply empathetic. She spent nearly an hour blasting the manager of the agency for having reception staff who “are not good enough and do not know how to sell”. The reason for her outrage was that she had not had a booking for two days. So I suppose there was some justification for her frustration.

But less so when you realise that it was only 48 hours since she has arrived back from a nine-day trip with a client where she had travelled by private jet to six different locations and stayed in some of the best hotels in the world and met more than a few A list film stars. And in the month before that she had averaged three bookings a day and a minimum of two overnight bookings a week. Her earnings from working as one of the best escort Ibiza can offer in the previous month? Over 32,000 euros. But, she had a point, two days without a booking probably did need flagging up!

Or the stunning 23 year old Playboy model who, on being told that the fee in Ibiza for her would be between 350 and 500 euros an hour said “That may be fine for other girls who have been in magazines; but look at me! I require at least a thousand euros an hour.” She then stood and flounced out of the meeting in the cafe without a backward look or offering to pay. Of course she would not pay. She has spent her entire adult life being told that she is beautiful and wonderful. She is used to people bending over backward just to be in her company and to twisting men around her little finger.

Two weeks later she was back on demanding to know where her bookings were, only to have it pointed out to her that the agency had not actually agreed to represent her before she swished away from the meeting. Unfortunately for her, the owner of Allys Angels is also a beautiful woman but with an iron will and an IQ of over one hundred and fifty. So Playboy model or not, she was never going to win that argument with her potential agent.

Escorts in Ibiza. Fun at times, but you might not want one as a house pet.