It is a fair point. Surely women that choose to work as escorts and sex workers can go and get their own clients without paying away a percentage of their earnings to anyone else. And if you had asked that question before the the United States Senate passed the two latest pieces of anti sex worker legislation (SESTA and FOSTA) and they were signed into law by the alleged sex offender President Donald Trump, then the question would have been harder to answer positively for the escort agencies. But now, the case for escort agencies and the work of escort agencies is increasingly easy to make.

Now that it is increasingly difficult for independent escorts and other sex workers to advertise their services, escort agencies are more and more coming into their own. They are increasingly necessary for escorts who want to keep making money. And if you are not doing it for money then you you are not in the sex industry, you are just having sex! But now that BackPage has gone, Craiglist will not take advertisements from sex workers, Twitter is shadow banning people for being involved in perfectly legal activities and lots of their channels for gaining and vetting clients are disappearing or becoming harder to use, working girls are left with only three choices – street walking and sleazy pimps, brothels with their rules and potential stigma or escort agencies. And if you are a high class escort who wants to be the best escort Marbella has to offer, then escort agencies will always and definitely be the way to go.

If you have no way to let clients know that you exist because some ridiculous women hating or naïve politicians in America have screwed up the entire internet and the marketing and advertising system built up for the adult industry, then you need to work with the best escort agencuies that you can find to bring in clients. And if the same politicians have made the technology companies remove the tools and forums that were in place for vetting clients then you need to work with professional and established escort agencies who have trained receptionists that can sort the wheat from the chaff, the time wasters from the real and the safe from the dangerous. That is the point of escort agencies.