Most sex workers receive the majority of their income in cash. Banks no longer like to handle cash, and if you put too much of it in, the tax authorities assume that there must be lots more that you are not declaring so you get audited and fined for doing the right thing. It is next to impossible to open a merchant account to take credit card payments, which is a shame. But it also means that those payments do not go through the banking system and it is hard to pay tax on them. And the clients do not go away, they just pay in cash instead. So let me tell you who is responsible for pushing women into the dark world of illegality. It is not sex traffickers or drug dealers or pimps. It is politicians. The worlds worst hypocrites as, let us face it, no politician has ever paid for sex have they Mr Trump?

Human trafficking and slavery are horrific things and anyone involved in them should be put in jail for the rest of their lives and made to sew footballs once they are too old to break rocks. (Being a Libertarian does not mean being soft) but only if you define terms properly. My favourite example of the law being an ass is that of an Alaskan woman who was happily proving a service as a prostitute of her own free will and running a successful small business. She was prosecuted for trafficking herself. Yes, you read that correctly. Google it and wait for your jaw to drop. I and lots of my friends work as girls that escort Las Palmas clients and our story falls into one of two camps – we had money troubles and found that selling sex was an effective way to go out of those troubles, or we took a coldly rational decision that selling sex was a good way to earn a hell of a lot more than our other employment options.

Choosing to sell sex because it is a really good way to make money for ourselves is not the same as being a sex slave. And anyone who cannot see the difference between those two things is so blinded by their own jaded and limited world view that they have no right to be legislating anything for anyone.