The Best Sex Toys For Women Revealed!

Who needs a man when you have a wide range of sex toys for more fun and better orgasms? Well, sex toys have been around for a while, and there’s something for almost every desire, budget and expectation. If you are new to the genre, you can check websites like for some great options. Below are some of the sex toy styles that you can try.

Bullet-style vibrators

A lot of women have their apprehensions about using a sex toy, and if you are one of them, a bullet-style vibrator is good way to start. These are designed for clitoral stimulation and are meant for starters. You can find a number of choices, depending on what you wish to pay. The shape isn’t much of a concern, especially if you are just focused on


Another very basic sex toy is a dildo. A dildo is designed to match and look like a real penis, and you will find all sorts of materials and shapes, although rubber, glass and metal are most used. Dildos can be used for anal pleasure, as well. Dildos are also considered to be one of the starter toys, and if you like the idea of stimulating yourself effortlessly at home, this is all you will need.

G-spot vibrator

A G-spot vibrator does exactly what the name suggests – it stimulates the G-spot, which can help in getting an instant arousal. In fact, many women do consider it as their prime sex toy, especially when they don’t have an active sex partner. Most of the G-spot vibrators available in the market are made of silicone, jelly, rubber and other soft materials. Depending on the shape, it can also double up as a dildo when needed.


Wants are somewhat same as dildos, except that these do have a curvy body, and more often than not, these don’t have a vibrator. Some dildos can look curvy, but a want is designed for specific stimulation. Also, you will come across terms like ‘vibrating insertable’, which is more like a mix between a dildo and a wand. If you are looking for wands in particular, do note that these are made of nonporous materials.

For more options, you can also consider butt plugs, which are designed for anal stimulation and can be used as a couple toy. Experiment with your sex toys, for you never know what may work for you!