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Escort service is called the oldest profession in the world. Therefore, it is striking that this topic represents a little studied layer of the development of society’s life. Research in this area began only in recent years. The study of the social history of escort service is becoming increasingly important.

The History:

During the history of the development of society, women have long remained in the shadows. Thanks to the emergence of new fields of science, such as anthropology, the history of the development of the mentality and the women’s movement, this gap gradually became more visible. The subject of the study of escort service covers such areas as social history, aspects of the history of sexuality, the history of female labor. The Amsterdam escorts are there now for you.

The definition of the category “escort service” for a long time did not have clear boundaries, since this concept was largely determined by a culture closely related to time.

Roman Legislation

According to the old Roman legislation, in which anescort is involved, it can be such, if the universal demand for sexual relations satisfies openly and without restrictions. Later a definition appears in which the woman who sells her body to several men indiscriminately and for a fee is called aescort. There was already appointed a certain form of payment for the “mercy” of a woman.

The first attempt to describe the concept of escort service comes from Solomon (630-560 BC), who said that every woman who gives her body for a fee is anescort. In the appearance of brothels, he saw an advantage in which chaste women were not subjected to sexual harassment.

Bloch, in 1912 in the book “Escort service” gives the following definition of the concept: “Escort service is a pronounced form of extramarital sex, which is different in that escorts are less blindly offering themselves to an indefinite number of people, openly and constantly, rarely without payment , which form in most cases is expressed in the professional proposal of copulation or presentation and the evocation of other sexual acts or sexual arousal and satisfaction and which, through this

Another scientist – connected with escort service three basic elements: trade, sexual intercourse, emotional indifference. Definitions of the expert sound as follows: “All who from time to time or regularly have sexual intercourse for a fee or gifts.” The expert defines escort service as “a social phenomenon in which people of both sexes, irrespective of age, are permanently or temporarily involved in using sex as a means, accompanied by emotional indifference, to satisfy the sexual desires of several people for a fee, a life”.

The options in the research consider some positions which in its opinion, are present in escort service. First of all, a woman should be able to support herself in order to carry out this work. The second condition is emotional indifference to the client. Proximity and indiscriminate proximity are also signs of escort service. The experts do not make the difference between the sexes. In his opinion, escorts can be both men and women.

The modern definition of escort service is given by the United Nations in the 1949 Treaty “On the suppression of trafficking in persons and exploitation of persons engaged in escort service”. It said that this is a process of “recruiting, taking along, transporting or retaining another person, even with his consent to satisfy the sexual desires of another person.” The exploitation of the escort service of another person, even with his consent, is also punishable. In 1995, the definition was clarified in Beijing.

Escort service is one aspect of trafficking in human beings (primarily by women)

It is two kinds of escort service: voluntary and compulsory.

In forced escort service there is a clear violation of human rights, especially of women and children, who are an easy victim of violence. Forced escort service is a crime against humanity. The definition of forced escort service was defined in the Beijing Program of Action: “In addition to the general categories that define escort service, they are physically, sexually and psychologically violent in society as a whole, including rape, sexual abuse, unwanted sexual intimacy, sexual intimidation at work, in schools and other places, trafficking in women and forced escort service “.

  • The definition of voluntary escort service (without coercion) has less clear and vague boundaries, since there are both men and women claiming to have chosen to engage in escort service without any pressure.
  • Thus, in the country, a significant distinction was made between “forced” and “voluntary” escort service. On the basis of their right to sexual self-determination, women should be free to choose escort service as a profession.

There are two types of escort service: individual and organized.

Individual women are engaged in individual escort service, including those who have children in their care who are self-confident, who determine their own mode of work and financial independence independently.

  • Organized escort service involves the presence of the organizer – a pimp, who receives from escorts a portion of the earned money that is invested in the purchase of real estate. In addition, one of the signs of organized escort service is mediation in money laundering or in the illegal trade in drugs, weapons, people.
  • The causes of escort service, according to the results of a survey of the International Labor Organization, lie in the economic reasons that led women to escort service.

The Commission for the Protection of Citizens’ Rights and Freedoms of the Council of Europe confirmed this conclusion: “Escort service is not the result of free choice of women, but a phenomenon closely related to economic, social, political, cultural opportunities provided to women by society. As a rule, these conditions are forced to escort service, and, above all, economic ones.

Poverty plays a significant role not only in the countries of Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, but also the rich countries of Western Europe. The financial motive in the occupation of escort service is in the first place.

Other reasons for escort service include rape at an early age, incestuous past (not all). Some escorts believe that they are helping people, being a kind of social workers. Escorts are different from each other, for most of them, having sex do not involve emotion. Escort service is a consequence of the economic repression of women and children in the system of existing exploitation. In this phenomenon, the most striking relationship between social and economic inequality in society and the criminal economy is traced.