Facebook – the most scum bag ridden nest of hypocritical perverts brought together since the House Un-American Activities Commitee. Nipples? No. Rape in war zone as recruiting video? Sure. Cleavage? Never. Be-headings? Always. Sex work? Banned, banned, banned. Racism and Nazis? Come on down! Consensual sex between consenting adults in places where sex work is completely within the law? Strictly forbidden.

Snapchat – made for sex, dick pics and filth. Hate sex workers. They would rather have a child molesting pervert use their service than an adult woman doing a perfectly legal service such as being one of the hottest escorts Geneva has to offer. Why? I really have no idea. The service was entirely designed for sex, but apparently only for amateurs.

LinkedIn – I am a nineteen year old know-nothing recruitment consultant looking to steal peoples personal information so that I can cold call them during their work hours and send them unsolicited Direct Messages all day and night. Welcome, you are the core of our expanding network. I run a tiny business making clip on bump stocks that turn a semi automatic rifle with a totally unnecessarily large magazine capacity into a machine gun suitable for mowing down any number of school children. Wow, welcome to the entrepreneur community! How can we help you? I run a multi million pound business in seven countries, directly and indirectly giving work and income to over a thousand willing and legal sub contractors. And with tens of thousands of extremely satisfied clients ever year. You evil sex peddling filth! How dare you infect our community with your perfectly well thought through views on web site design, customer relationship management and business leadership.

In case you hadn’t gathered, I really hate Facebook and LinkedIn! But the rest are hypocritical ratbags too. I really have no idea what their problem is, other than the typically schizo attitude that the United States has toward sex generally. They regard sex work as immoral and evil, but celebrate porn stars. Especially when they are working to bring down a sitting President, but hey, the whole world wishes Stormy Daniels good luck with that.