How Different Types of Penises Affect Sex

Stereotypes should generally be avoided at all costs, including any that are related to penis size. It’s important to remember that you don’t have any control over the body you are born with but there might be a different penis size and shape that you’re looking to achieve with penis enhancement.

If you are concerned that your penis is not satisfying women, you should keep in mind that all vaginas and sexual preferences are different too. Position and technique are sometimes more important than penis size during sex.

Understanding the Different Penis Types

Let’s take a closer look at the different types of penises that men have and how they can affect sex. If you do want to look into changing the size and shape of your penis, check this resource on how to increase penile size.

The thick penis

A thick penis is generally able to provide a good combination of stimulation and pressure in various areas of the vagina. Men with a thicker penis need to pay special attention to foreplay since the vagina can tear if it hasn’t been warmed up.

The curved penis

Men with long penises will usually have a slight upward curve but if the curve is more than 10 degrees, it could be a sign of scar tissue.  Men with scar tissue in the penis will eventually start experiencing pain during sex as the curve becomes more severe. Surgery may be required to correct what is called, Peyronie’s disease.

If the curve is normal and shaped like a banana, it’s able to provide women with a whole other level of pleasure because the G-spot can be found on the upper wall of the vagina.

The average penis

While a lot of men have come to believe otherwise, most men actually have an average size penis, which is ideal for most women too. A penis with an average length and girth will always be able to provide women with a comfortable and pleasurable sexual experience.

The undersized penis

Men with a length and girth that is below average are generally the best candidates for penis enhancement procedures. This is not to say that a man with a smaller penis can’t still satisfy a woman, it simply means that oral and manual stimulation will also be required. It will also be important to focus on positions that provide maximum penetration. Again, you can check this resource on how to increase penile size if you are looking to enhance your member.

The above-average penis

Men with long penises need to take special care to be gentle during intercourse as the additional length and girth can cause pain during sex. Men with a larger penis should allow their partner to guide the angle, depth and pace during intercourse to ensure an enjoyable sexual experience.

Non-surgical male enhancement

If surgery is not something that you are keen on, there is a non-surgical male enhancement that uses fillers to increase the size and shape of the penis without the need for incisions or anaesthetic. Whether you decide to go the surgical or the non-surgical route, just be sure to choose a doctor who has the necessary qualifications and experience with this delicate procedure.