5 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy Your First Sex Toy

If you’ve never bought a sex toy before, the whole process might seem intimidating at first. With all the different options available, it might be hard to know which one will work best for you. However, when you know what you’re looking for, narrowing down your choices becomes much easier. Here are some things you should know before you start shopping for your first sex toy.

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Know What Type of Stimulation You’re Looking for

Most of the time, the first sex toy people will think about is a dildo. While dildos might work for some, they might not be what you’re looking for. A dildo might seem too impersonal for some and some simply won’t be able to reach an orgasm with one. If you prefer clitoral stimulation, then a vibrator might be a much better choice. And you can also use it with your partner if you want. It all depends on what feels the best for you, so don’t be afraid to explore your options and don’t just go for a dildo because that’s what everyone is buying.

Look at the List of Chemicals

Don’t assume that just because a sex toy was meant for penetration, that it’s automatically safe. As a matter of fact, some manufacturers will care less about the safety of their products and are just trying to make a quick buck. And some toys out there can be just downright dangerous. Try to stay away from any product that contains Phthalates. Phthalates are found in many rubber products and could lead to many disorders such as infertility and even cancer in some cases, so this isn’t something that should be taken lightly.

Work Your Way Up

If the idea of buying a sex toy seems too intimidating for you, you can start small and work your way up. Start with a cheap and simple sex toy at first. You might have heard raving reviews about a wonderful $300 dildo, but that doesn’t mean it will work for you. You could start with something as simple as a finger vibrator at first. Pick something that feels comfortable to you and you can move on to more expensive options later on.

Look for Customizable Options

A vibrator that is just too strong might feel uncomfortable and one that isn’t strong enough might not give you the stimulation you’re looking for, so make sure that you pick one with multiple settings. Most high-end vibrators will allow you to adjust the speed and change it depending on your mood or preferences.

Check Items In-Store Before You Buy Online

If you want to buy sex toys online, it would be wise to check them first in person before you do. Sex toys are much cheaper online, but you’ll be able to check the toy’s dimensions and how it feels before you buy it. Just looking at images won’t give you the full picture and you might end up with a toy you’re just not comfortable with.

Buying your first sex toy doesn’t have to be a scary experience. Just know exactly what you need and make sure that you buy from reputable sources as well.